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How Can I Have A More Positive Attitude (explained)

How Can I Have A More Positive Attitude (explained)

I consider myself a "realist" but sometimes I get caught up in a negative thinking patterns like a Jeep stuck in a rut.

When I recover, this usually leaves me wondering, how can I have a more positive attitude ?

Positivity is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “the tendency to be optimistic”.

Speaking as a realist, easier said than done !

But life's short, why not be more positive?

Isn't being negative, short sighted in the grand scheme of life?

I've come to think so.

Attitudes are created from both present and pre-conceived beliefs, emotions, and feelings.

So, in order to have a positive attitude, you have to have a positive vision of the future.

Attitudes are the result of your current expectations based on past experiences. Also, your current attitude, whether you're aware of it or not, highly influence your conscious and your subconscious behavior.

As a realist, I've come to understand what could be true (negative),  but still strive and hope for a positive experience.

Action Plan For Having A More Positive Attitude


Having a more positive attitude isn't as easy as just "HaViNg a BeTtEr AtTiTuDe".
It doesn't just happen like flipping a light switch.

Changing your attitude can be a difficult task, but certainly not impossible.

Experts agree, that one of the easiest ways to "earn" a more positive attitude, is a deep life experience that deepens your perspective.

Deep experiences, "epiphanies", or personal breakthroughs are one of the best ways to undergo a deep rooted positive attitude change.


“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.” – William James 

5 Tips To Have a Positive Attitude

1. Start Your Morning with Enthusiasm

It is very important to maintain a positive attitude from the start of your day.

Most people have to drag themselves out of bed, and this sets a negative state of mind for their entire day.

I struggle with this one until I made 1 small change.

I bought a super loud automatic coffee machine.

It brews automatically at 6am which entices my lazy butt out of bed in the morning with excitement and the smell of fresh brewed coffee.

Positive people create a long-term morning ritual that reinforces how great life is and how happy they are to be alive.

2. Make Friends With A Positive Mindset

You need to surround yourself with positive friends and positive people.

Try to connect with people, who like new ideas, have a better outlook, and are interested in learning lots of new ideas.

Be cautious in choosing your friends. You are an average of the 5 people who you hang out with the most.

If you are stuck with negative people be super-careful about the negativity.

Try to give time to yourself daily and don’t waste it on negative gossip. A positive attitude is contagious just like a negative attitude is contagious.

When you feel that you need an attitude boost, find someone with a great attitude and look for an excuse to hang out with them.

Their attitude can’t help but rub itself off on you and you’ll be able to face the world with renewed optimism.

But don't take advantage of them, reciprocate that positive energy back when they need it.

3. Be Conscious of Your Language

What the %$#@ does being conscious about language have to do with anything?

According to researchers, you need to have strong control over your language and it’s not about trying to swear less, but speaking expanding your vocabulary and being mindful of how much you're talking.

The limitation of your language is the limitation of your world.


Studies have found that positive self-awareness and positive affirmations can boost your willpower and help psych yourself up when you need to get through a difficult task.

4. Study Books for Overloading Your Brain With Positivity

A lot of negativity comes from fear of the unknown. And the best way to fight fear is with knowledge. And what better way to expand your knowledge base than by reading.

There are millions of books available for you to absorb positive information, positive outlooks, and positive behaviors.

Personally, reading is one of my favorite ways to learn, get a sense of accomplishment, and widen my perspective. All feeling that have lead me to having an overall more positive attitude.

5. Stop Negative Thinking (Try Mindfulness)

I know what you're thinking,

Oh Yeah, just stop thinking negative! Any other good ideas !!!!

yeah, it's not that simple. But it is possible.We all get disturbed by negative thoughts sometimes daily.

These will be more frequent in the beginning but can decrease as you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness sounds complex, but it's simple.

Mindfulness just means "Mastering your thoughts"

Try and sit still for 20 minutes and focus on 1 thing. Ha, good luck, it's tougher than you'd think. The mind wanders all over the place. But after practicing it becomes much easier.

After a lot of practice you can literally simply disregard negative thoughts. Mindfulness may be the most difficult to master, but also is the best way to have a more positive attitude.

When you start to notice negative thoughts, you can use a pattern interrupt to stop them in their tracks.

The idea is to interrupt your current thought pattern and shift to a more positive outlook.

The Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude In Today’s World?

The value of having a positive attitude cannot be measured. 

Elon Musk and Bill Gates both have positive attitude towards the future of humanity worth a half trillion dollars.

Buddha died broke, but his positive attitude has all of us remembering his name and his legacy thousands of years later.
(Probably longer than Gates and Musk will be remembered)

The outcome of both men is a byproduct of positivity combined with hard work and discipline. 

It’s very easy to talk about a positive attitude but easier said than done. (yeah, you can say that again)

A positive attitude is a more sophisticated and refined attitude.

A Positive attitude can also give you more confidence and enhance the capacity of your thinking.

This isn't just, an opinion, it been proven by Stanford University. A recent found that positive thinking literally makes your brain function at a higher level of consciousness.

A positive attitude is something very deep as it affects the deeper sub-conscious aspects of your personality.

Negativity in attitudes promotes anxiety and fear while a positive attitude compels you to draw an optimistic line for your life.Your overall attitude changes with just a slight change in your mood.


Having a more positive attitude isn't something that just happens.

It's something yo have to work at. But the work is worth it. Nobody want to walk around mopping all day.

These are some tips that have worked for me and our team, and if implemented into your routine, you will be able to improve your attitude to be more positive.

If you enjoyed this article (or if you hated it) let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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Thanks for reading !

 the Conscious Vibe

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