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What Political Party Am I ?

What Political Party Am I ?

Left, right, or in-between. Does choosing a political party really matter?

Which one should you choose? Where do political parties come from? Who invented political parties?

Which political party are you? Which political  am I ? 

What's the difference between the political parties?

Is choosing a political party just like choosing a sports team to root for or is it something more?

A good idea is a good idea no matter who came up with it, right?

If politics is about solving problems for "the people" why do we need political parties?

We want a better understanding of why political parties exist, if they even matter, and which political parties make the most sense for what reasons.

Lets dive into finding the truth behind political parties.

What's The Point Of Political Parties?

Political parties exist to establish order in society and to find solutions and solve problems that exist with-in societies.

But in order to establish order, one must have power.

Going all the way back to one of the first documented great civilization of ancient Egypt, pharaohs had all the power and set the rules of order.

But with power, there are always others who want to seize power.

The Hyksos were a group that briefly took over Egyptian rule over 3,500 years ago. This may be one of the first political takeovers in documented history.

1,000 years later when the ancient Greeks founded democracy, it was based on the majority of people deciding what was best for themselves (not based on a pharaoh making decisions). 

The word democracy is actually greek for "people power".

Within this context, groups were formed to discuss and debate on the best solutions for governing.  

As you might imagine, it didn't take long before wars broke out over the best way to govern, control of resources, and ideology.

Even in the early days of American democracy there has been multiple political parties formed to debate the best way to do things. 

The idea of political parties debating on the best way to govern is a great for everyone.

The problems arise, when corruption and self interest sway the intent of debating away from the "best interest of the people".

Which Political Party Are You? Left vs. Right

Since the intent of a political party is to establish order and solve problems on behalf of "the people", which party you choose isn't as important as which solutions you support.

It's more important to understand what the biggest problems we're facing as a society are, and then understand which ideas or solutions work best to solve those problems.

A good solution is a good solution no mater who come sup with it.

Choosing "Left Wing" vs. Right Wing" What's the Difference ?

Have you heard the saying that there's 3 side to the truth? 

If you've ever listened to two people complain about each other, they often have 2 very different understanding of reality. Usually the truth is the 3rd side of the story and lies somewhere in-between. 

The same is often true with politics.

I often say that if truth is somewhere in the middle, why would you want to be left or right?

Understand what the root problems are, and then find the best solution that solves the root problem.

The Importance of Independent Thinking

Independent thinking is the ability to think for yourself freely and without the influence of other people’s opinion (or social media influence in today's age)

When you think independently you are not easily swayed by various opinions that are presented before you, which is why it is very important.

Being able to think independently requires knowledge. Hence, you need to research, explore, and study the different things around you, whether it is soft science or hard science.

Don't just read a facebook post, share it and believe it.

This enables you to become more knowledgable bout the things you hear, see and believe. It helps you question values, assumptions, and opinions. 

When you think independently you become confident in your ability to stand up for your beliefs.

In choosing a political party, independent thinking is very important because you cannot just vest your support on someone based on peer pressure.

The Division of Political Parties

United We Stand, Divided We fall.

The division of political parties or party polarization is,  in simple terms, an “us versus them” mentality.

This "us vs them" mindset is when each party believes one sets of ideas while demonizing the other party.

This mindset is very dangerous and completely overlooks that the idea of politics is to come up with solutions to solve root cause problems.

if we can't agree, vote and move on with the majority.

 The division of political parties can have damaging effects to peace and democracy whether it is intentional or not. 

it is your duty to limit the tendency to misperceive the beliefs of those who belong to the other party.

All parties should be trying to solve problems and it's our job as citizens to vote for leaders who are "solutions oriented" 

5 Tips On Choosing A Political Party

  1. Research the Most Pressing Issues.

    Not all issues have the same sense of urgency. For example, the globally shared issue of climate change is more important than which team a trans athlete should play for.

  2. Don't Choose Based on What They Say About the "other" Party

    Think independently about who has the best solutions ot the root cause of the problems at hand.

  3. Choose Based on Logic, Not Based on Emotion.

    Emotions can cloud your decision making, which is why many politicians try to "rile up" the crowd.

  4. Think For Yourself

    Don't just 'follow the crowd".

  5. You Can Support More Than One Party

    You don't have to choose - I personally am registered as an independent voter and support the best ideas from all parties.


    A political party is an important element of politics because it represents the ideals and ideas of a specific sector in a country.

    However, as a politically conscious citizen, you need to learn how to think independently especially when choosing which party to support.

    With this article, we hoped that you have also learned the smart ways to choose your political party and become a well-informed citizen.

    If you enjoyed this article (or if you hated it) let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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    Thanks for reading !

     the Conscious Vibe

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