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Egyptian Royal Tomb Hooded Blanket

Luxurious Designs For Inspiring Minds

Over 3,000 Years Ago,
Tutankhamun (Tut) Took Over As Pharaoh Of The Most Powerful Empire On Planet Earth.
He was Only 9 Years Old

What Were You Doing At Age 9 ?


⚫️  Unique And Original 'In-House' Design  - Stand Out From The Crowd


⚫️  Cut and sewn from an outer 'silky smooth' micro-mink polyester face. Why do you care? It's COZY A.F.


⚫️   On the inside you can choose from either a microfiber fleece lining, or a 100% polyester sherpa lining. BOTH ARE AWESOME !!


⚫️   Flawless High Definition print .


⚫️   Every SINGLE hooded blanket we produce is double checked (punch listed) for defects to ensure TOP NOTCH quality.  Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone says that. Well, even we were surprised by the quality we were able to achieve!! 


⚫️   Each blanket is digitally printed as soon as you checkout. Depending on our teams current workload it usually takes 2-7 business days for inside and outside linings to be cut, sewn, printed, checked for defects 2x, and then shipped out.

Feel Royal - Be Conscious

WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS. If you are not 💯% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact Customer Service for a full refund.


Inch Adult Youth
Width 80 60
Height 55 41