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"Hand of Hamsa & Gabbana" Royal 3rd Eye Leggings

The use of the golden Hand-of-Hamsa symbol in the design of these yoga leggings adds a visually pleasing aspect and also incorporates an ancient spiritual significance.

The hamsa hand, (hamsa meaning "five" in Arabic) represents the five fingers of the human hand and is believed in various cultures to be a symbol of protection and good fortune.

These leggings offer style and also provide superior performance and an uplifting spiritual connection to help your higher level self win the day.


⚫️.  82% polyester, 18% spandex

⚫️.  Four-way stretch

⚫️.  Squat proof

⚫️. Elastic waistband

⚫️.  Microfiber thread


⚫️   High Definition Print 


⚫️     No Errors - Every design that we sell is double checked  for defects before it leaves the door.... Yeah, yeah, yeah everyone says that.... Well, working with our partners, even we were surprised by the quality we were able to achieve.


Feel Royal - Be Conscious

WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS. If you are not 💯% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact Customer Service for a full refund.